“Treatise on the Science of Arms, with a Philosophical Dialogue” by Camillo Agrippa

 “Treatise on the Science of Arms, with a Philosophical Dialogue” by Camillo Agrippa

Camillo Agrippa, as an educated man, showed scientific interest and approach to fencing, he has eliminated essential mistakes in popular fencing styles at that time, thereby coming up and describing his own fencing system, which was of a great practical importance.

Camillo Agrippa scientifically derived his alphabetic system of technical elements and positions, described the way it is effectively used in a combat, whole words are composed from letters that are present.
The science of weapons, according to Agrippa, is based firstly on Justice, secondly, on the Mind and, thirdly, on its Application.
On the basis of the scientific approach, mathematical principles, Geometry and other sciences, the author explained in detail the best ways of combat with different weapons. Camillo separately described sword handling, handling of a sword and dagger, as these weapons were always carried by any nobleman in those days; with two swords, a sword and a shield, a sword and a cloak. In addition, Agrippa draws attention to the usage of halberds, pikes, spears, two-handed sword in a battle, and gives several tips for distinguishing the battle on foot and on the horseback, and even how to act in hand-to-hand combat.
The main practical value is contained in the third part of the book – it is the philosophical reflections of Camillo Agrippa, where the very method of applying the Weapon Science is described. This part of the science is a universal, as the author notes himself, it is applied everywhere, in everyday life and it is the most basic part, without which fencing and the system of technical elements are useless.

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