Today I have started working on a new book “Swaying scene”

Today I have started working on a new book “Swaying scene” from the series of the study about Cus D’Amato’s personality and his style. There is a note about it in the “Your Fate” newspaper:

“Today Ph.D. Oleg Maltsev, Candidate of Psychological Sciences and the patron of the “Science of Victory” project, announced the beginning of the work on the third book in the frameworks of the research about the legendary boxing coach Cus D’Amato.
The “Swaying scene” book is going to be dedicated to an investigation of reasons why the best student of Cus D’Amato Mike Tyson could not keep the balance on the top as the youngest world boxing champion and fell down. The basis of the research (as it was in the previous works “Non-compromised pendulum” and “Lighting rod that strikes faster then lighting itself”) will be methods of deep psychology and fate-analysis.
The participants of this research will be experts from the professional boxing world such as Steve Lott who is the president of Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, an executive producer of Big Fights Inc.