“Reasons for the victorious weapon handling for attack and defense” . Giacomo di Grassi

“Reasons for the victorious  weapon handling for attack and defense” . Giacomo di Grassi

The main teaching of di Grassi was that weapons of equal length are used in a similar way, lunge element being the most preferable among all types of attack. The author highlighted various features of fencing and described how a thrust can be applied during a lunge with specific weapons.

The treatise provides answers to many questions, explains the principles and approaches of the most popular weapons of that time. In the book an author has fully described step by step the ways of how to avoid confusion in weapon handling, how to escape an infinite number of attacks knowing some principles that are easily accessible to anyone’s’ understanding. And if we assume that they are easily remembered, there is no doubt that one will be victorious in the shortest time with minimal effort. The treatise includes a teaching of possible ways of weapon handling such as handling of the sword, dagger, kappa, brokero, rotella, halberd, rocha, pike, spit, etc.

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