“The Science of Fencing” treatise

“The Science of Fencing” treatise published in Catania in 1844 belongs to the pen of the pragmatic fencing expert Blasco Florio. This is the last monument, the last historical document dedicated to the Neapolitan style of the Spanish Fencing School ( later such documents were not published).

The book is devoted to a historical excursion to the roots of the origin and formation of the weapons handling art.
The outstanding merit of Blasco Florio is his factual approach to the research of the strengths and weaknesses of European fencing schools. Carrying out comparative analysis, the reader together with the author will be able to get acquainted with the reasons for the victoriousness and superiority of the fencing school of Naples on a scientific basis.

Obviously, this work represents historical, cultural and educational value. In the translation the narrative structure and style of presentation are preserved.

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