The chronology of the treatises published in Palermo (in Russian language)

What is remarkable that none of these works except the first one describes technical elements, moreover 10 technical elements described in the first document are extremely similar in essence to Neapolitan fencing

1. Glorified fencing, which was composed by Giuseppe Morsicato Pallavicini, Palermitanian maestro fencing. The theory and practice is laid out with which it is possible to easily to pass to defense and offensive in necessary situations of enemy attacks … with illustrations of scientific practice, as well as with explanations.
Giuseppe Morsicato Pallavicini Palermo, Palermo, 1670
2. Treatise on Sicilian fencing.
Giuseppe Villadritta, Palermo, 1673
3. The use of glorified fencing, consists of two parts, the first one contains some rules of art of riding; and the second – some documents on the Neapolitan fencing.
Nuzzo Francesco Giovanni Angelo, Palermo, 1691
4. The art of war, translated in the eighth rhyme from the French poem, in the form of an empty verse by the philosopher Giuseppe Della Torre, colonel of the Real Palermo regiment in the army of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies
Giuseppe Della Torre, Palermo, 1787
5. Reflections on the Protection Folio Volante, published in Palermo in August 1729
6. Lessons of artillery practice, written for the formation of low officials and municipal formations of sailors artillerymen. Palermo, 1813
7. To open a hall for fencing and management in the vicinity of Regg. Cacciatori riders on horses in Palermo by Antonio Fabris,
Antonio Fabris, 1854
8. Opinion on Palermitan fencing divergence between Mr. Niccolo Abbondati and Blasco Florio.
Vella (Jambattist) and Corradina. Palermo, 1857.
9. Mastery in Sicily, work related to research of this issue: (With unpublished documents)
Giuseppe Sherma, 1896
Secondary source:
1. The rules of fencing, which are taught by L. and P Marcelli; written by F. A. M. (Part I: Rules of handling solely a Sword. Part two : Handling a sword and dagger are explained). Rome. 1686