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"Social experiments and psychology of A. and B. Strugatsky" project. | Oleg Maltsev

“Social experiments and psychology of A. and B. Strugatsky” project.

On July 8, we have started the new project “Social Experiments and Psychology of A. and B. Strugatsky”. See the article about this project published in “Your Fate” newspaper:

The project “Social experiments and psychology of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky” is a popular science one and at the same time, it is scientific and practical.

Preliminary studies of Ph.D. Oleg Maltsev, head of the Memory Institute, Candidate of Psychological Sciences has demonstrated that books of Strugatsky brothers are codes. In each book, there is an encryption of scientific research about human memory, including the experiments and secret scientific researches made by USSR scientists and Heidelberg University.

What is interesting in this research project and what kinds of practical benefits can be derived from it:
1. The analysis of social and psychological experiments. One may find a discussion about the reason they work and how they can be applied in the daily life.
2. We will write a book about the psychology of Strugatsky. There will be some lectures for the public domain on Facebook page, other lectures are going to be for specialists.
3. Based on the results of research and experiments, video courses will appear on selected topics related to different spheres of life and human activity. There will be two type of courses: for public domain and limited access lectures for professionals only.
4. Specialists and scientists are going to discuss Strugatsky books using a special technology.
5. There will be scientific and journalistic interviews, discussions with writers, critics, psychologists and other experts.

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