Sharing with you post of Antonio Merendoni. “The military master of fencing Antonio Pomponio. “

He was born in Vasto on December 26, 1877, he attended the Master School of Fencing and received his master’s degree in June 1905.

He participated in national tournaments in Cuneo (1905), Alba (1906), Rome (1910), Genoa (191l), Cremona (1919 and 1922) and Salice Terme (1921); In international tournaments in Milan (1909) and Rome (1911).

For many years he taught fencing in schools “Scuola di Applicazione di Sanità Militare di Firenze”, as well as in academies of Germany (in Frankfurt and Offenbach), and then returned to Italy. Colonel Boaro titled him as “value of the school” and Antonio Pomponio was introduced to the award of the Knight’s Cross.