Presenting for your attention a new book “The Orthodox Lobby in Russian Wikipedia” by Olga Panchenko and Konstantin Slobodyanyuk

A new book written by co-authors Konstantin Slobodyanyuk, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Unsolved Crimes”, and lawyer Olga Panchenko, will clearly demonstrate how the history is being rewritten on-line.

The book is written in a style of journalistic investigation. It is going to provide unquestionable evidence of fraud, substitution of facts, removal of reliable and authoritative sources of information that are undesirable to the representatives of the ROC. This is how online control is being done with a purpose of distortion of the encyclopedic concepts, that frame a modern society.

Orthodox lobby in Russian Wikipedia is a kind of activity, responsible for an impact of representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church on neutral participants of Russian Wikipedia, with the purpose of representation of the interests of the ROC, as well as of individuals and organizations affiliated with the ROC. The Orthodox lobby is characterized by major violation of Russian Wikipedia rules; such as the deletion of reliable sources from the articles unwanted by ROC; the manipulation of facts, and the collusion of the group of “bureaucrats”, “administrators” and “patrols” for sanction initiations against participants whose actions are contrary to interests of the ROC. Aforesaid facts not only violate policy of free encyclopedia, but also discredit an international Wikipedia project, which is the largest and most well-known directory on the Internet.

Book will be available in 2017