“Opera Nova” (“New Work”) Achille Marozzo, 1536






“Opera Nova” (“New Work”) Achille Marozzo, 1536

“Bologna fencing manual written by Achille Marozzo, printed in 1536. The most extensive and important treatise on the Italian fencing “Dardi” style (or “Bolognese”), as well as one of the most influential fencing manuals of the XVI century. 
“Opera Nova” was first published in Modena in 1536 by D. Antonio Bergole, containing illustrations on a tree that may have been engraved by Hans Sebald Beham. The treatise was reissued in Bologna in 1546 and again reprinted in Venice in 1550 using original content.

In 1567-1568 it was again reprinted in Venice, but this time it was based on the Bulgarian press in 1546.
The revised edition was issued by the son of Marozzo Sebastiano in 1568 under the name “Arte dell’Armi di Achille Marozzo Bolognese” (“The Art of Arms by Achille Marozzo Bologna”). In this edition, text corrections were made (but supplements made in the press in 1546 were omitted), and images on wooden blocks were replaced by small copper plates of Giovanni Battista Fontana; It was printed in Venice in 1568 by Antonio Pinaranti and reissued in Verona in 1615.”

That’s what traditional science says



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