Luis Pacheco de Narváez The treatise “Greatness of the Sword”. Dedicated to Philip III of Spain and most part of the world

A work which reveals the many secrets collected by the commander of the chivalrous order Hieronimo de Caranza about philosophy and destreza who is the light of the world. By using this book anyone can learn without a master.

It’s about weapons, actual demonstrations of application. Closely examining this book you’ll find it a very curious, with a great accuracy since it shows practice and demonstrations.
Words of the author Pacheco de Narváez

“Im sure, my merciful, highly respected sovereign, that your strength gives me courage, there are no obstacles to dedicate this book about the sword and the reasoning about destreza to the sovereign, I want to inform about virility and teach how to become a hero”

“I came to the true knowledge, the philosopher’s stone is not the only grace, and countless virtue. Highly respected sovereign, collected number of bronze of a low quality is sufficient for turning this into gold, which is incommensurable in value. There will be a harvest from such strong hands. I humbly ask a Highly respected sovereign to accept this small service I offer. If as the product of my modest intellect I will receive a sovereign’s power protection, I will be excited and undertake again to offer my services to my Highness”

This work is invested a lot of work with the goal of general well-being.