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Live broadcast "What is applied science?" with Valentina Danilyova | Oleg Maltsev

Live broadcast “What is applied science?” with Valentina Danilyova

Sharing with you a live broadcast with my student, the head of the Academy of Applied Sciences – Valentina  Danilyova. “What is applied science?”

Что такое прикладная наука? What is an applied science?#АкадемияПрикладныхНаук #ВенецианскаяШкола #УченикиМальцева #ЧтоТакоеПрикладнаяНаука #НаукаЖизни #НаукаПобеждать #Результат

Posted by Валентина Данилёва on Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017