I want to introduce you one remarkable weapon that is called Sika

Russians in the 13th century often carried both sword and saber. We have it as a national tradition from the zero period of history. It is an interesting fact that supposedly in the ancient Rome, the Gladiators had exactly the same tradition. From the point of view of a classical history of 1000 years ago, this is a very curious phenomenon and an extremely strange coincidence.
It is worth mentioning that in the Russian criminal tradition a work of the left hand and its technical elements are not equal to those of the right hand. Besides, this is the same what is required for working simultaneously with a sword and a saber, because the geometries of technical elements and geometric configurations of weapons are different …
We will discuss this topic on the ” Russian Fencing School Lessons” project
By the way, Gladiators were called Thracian and Dumacher

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