Expedition to Cape Town is complete!

Sharing with you a post in a Facebook group dedicated to our expedition to Cape Town.

“We congratulate everyone who was with us in the course of the 16 days of the marathon in Cape Town. Today the expeditionary team with the guidance of Ph.D. Maltsev Oleg has departed to Sicily. In a few days an international scientific symposium will begin.

During these 16 days we have tried to show you two facets of the world of Cape Town. Perhaps it was the most unsafe international expedition in the last 5 years, but it was worth it. So what is at the end? More than 200 hours of audio recordings with insiders, unique photos and uncensored video materials with experts and scholars about the real South African criminal subculture. Probably, if someone would publish it in full, something bad could happen in South Africa. Therefore, most of the materials, I think, should remain in the archives of the Institute.





However, what we can promise you is the truthful book “55”, which will not only show the boundaries of this subculture but also an enormous applied importance of the research, applicable in various spheres of life and activity. I would like to finish the expedition with the traditional motto: “Glory to the Expeditionary Corps and our Captain! Glory to our Heroes!”