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Scientific biography. Dr. Oleg Maltsev | Oleg Maltsev

Scientific biography. Dr. Oleg Maltsev

Dr. Maltsev Oleg has started dealing with exploratory and research activity in 1992 at the age of 17. The main task on the first stage was research of scientific instruments. During the period from 1992 to 1996 Dr. Maltsev studied the applied science of task solving in the scope which was there back at that time.

During the same period, Dr. Maltsev looked into Christian Orthodoxy and its dogmatic theology, world military systems, as well as teachings as Islam and Buddhism. It followed by next fundamental study of the Jewish Kabbalah.

As a result, there were developments of research methods of scientific researchs, as well as measuring instruments of applied science that there today are related to those results. Also, during this period there were developed methods of qualitative analysis: 

  • Alternative industry method;
  • Method of models;
  • Method of comparison on axes;
  • The method of dependent and dependent;
  • The method of problem solving levels;
  • The method of exclusion and excelling the set standards;
  • Key method;
  • Method of independent intervals.
  • Later on, all of the data was synthesized into a special system known today as
    the “Prima” science.

During the period from 1992 to 1996, personal development of Dr. Maltsev was not only in the scientific area but as well as in business one. Correspondingly, a practice ground for research was his professional activity, which required fulfillment of tasks of higher complexity.

As for the scientific activity of Dr. Maltsev, it was undertaken in 1996. All along this period, Oleg Maltsev achieved his first substantial results in the scientific area. At the turn of 1996, Dr. Maltsev carried out a global restoration work, following a construction of “2SAO” technology.

In the same year Oleg Maltsev began looking into an applied history, however, faced certain difficulties. The previously derived analysis toolkit was not for analyzing the deep history of mankind. Due to the fact that historical events corresponded for many centuries, there was a method needed that would allow finding reliable data. As being such a method, Oleg Maltsev chose the one of objective criminal investigation – and used simultaneously “Prima” science, detective activity and practice of the Russian criminal pre-revolutionary investigation were applied. Finally, it was concluded that by the rulers of the past, there was everything done to ensure that generations later never learn the real story. This is why in the research of Dr. Maltsev in the field of applied history, research subjects were chosen that remained unvarying, nor rewritten or destroyed.

In 1998 Dr. Maltsev placed a responsibility on himself to develop tools for an insight into the mystery of history, artifacts and temple complexes. As a result, one of the central measuring instruments of applied science, known as the “Maltsev Circle” was deducted. In 2001 Dr. Maltsev has fully completed the development of the tool that allowed to conduct research in history and allow to explore historical artifacts. Subsequently, it was called the Instrument of Applied History. In 2001 Dr. Maltsev began a fundamental scientific work in the field of applied psychology and psychiatry, as a result of which the original psycho-psychiatric science was restored. Over the next year, the “Science of Psychosociology” – the science of the human psyche and its consciousness was restored. At this point in time, there was another research task: “What can we compare with the restored science?”.

One of the requirements of the methodology was the need to compare the data with another science. Since modern psychology and psychiatry does not include the implementation part, it was not possible with them to compare the science of Psychosomology. Therefore, Oleg Maltsev took a decision to compare “Psychosamology” with the teachings of K. Castaneda and Scientology, which actually had an implementation part in their structure. Afterwards, there was conducted the comparison of the axes of three sciences, and the science of “Psychosamology” surpassed Scientology and the teachings of K. Castaneda by all criteria. In addition, a comparison analysis showed that Castaneda’s teachings are the basis of therapy of Scientology. In the course of comparing three sciences, Oleg Maltsev made a scientific discovery and derived the formula for success in business. There was established a direct relationship between the psycho-psychiatric state of a person and his purchasing power. This relationship was derived from a comparison of the structure of Scientology and teachings of Castaneda.

Initially, all systems in the world are based on the fact that people have to do something. However, in a certain period evolves a new systemic doctrine, which claims that you need to do something with someone and then there will be an opportunity to achieve certain results. For this reason, Scientologists have created standard working procedures based on the teachings of Castaneda. Today these standard procedures are sold for a price higher than the cost of the original teachings of Carlos Castaneda. But even in such a case, Scientology enjoys a higher demand among customers. This is due to the fact that a person perceives only those goods and services that are perceived by them, and not those that bring actual benefits. This is how the economic dependence on the psycho-psychiatric state arises.

In 2004 Dr. Maltsev restored the complex “Sector”, which is a mechanism for controlling the speed of life and human activity, it reveals as well the mechanism of building the psyche. During the period from 2004 to 2009, Oleg Maltsev conducted a fundamental work on the restoration of applied science. As a result, by 2008, science was restored to its fullest. In 2009 Dr. Maltsev began the creation of a scientific base in Sevastopol (Ukraine).
During 2009 to 2012, the School of Psychosamology was established. Since 1992, as a result of research and scientific activity, Oleg Maltsev has written more than 60 books, restored and created various technologies and complexes of applied format, new tools and measuring instruments of applied science have been developed that allow one to solve problems in any area of human life. Currently, Oleg Maltsev continues to be engaged in the restoration of the instrumental area of applied science and supplements the scope of the scientific base. In this version of the scientific biography, there is only a small part of the achievements of Dr. Oleg Maltsev.