Sharing with you interesting videos about modern fencing

Spanish fencing school. Exercises

Sharing with you live broadcast “Impulse or aggression? Phenomena interaction”

Live broadcast with my scientific assistant Irina Lopatiuk

Live broadcast “The relation of Italian and Russian fencing” in the framework of the “Science of Victory” program

“Fencing. Boxing. Wrestling” 1890

Although this work is hostile to our school and contradictory, but very peculiar. So we decided to publish it.

Sharing with you a memory. Venetian bastone with Venetian stiletto

Live broadcast. “Psychopathy. Types of psychopathy”.

Live broadcast with the head of the Research Institute “International Fate-Analysis Community” – Marina Ilyusha

My Odessa. Preparing to the expedition and testing our cameras

Live broadcast for “Your fate” newspaper. Psychic reactions and factors of Szondi-test

Sharing with you a memory from the last year

 We worked on struggle tactics against religious extremism. The weather was hazy but we managed the task

Spanish fencing school “Achinech”

Spanish fencing school “Achinech”. Evening training

In the scientific bulletin “Gilea” came out my new scientific article

Here is an emblem that we have approved for the “Russian Fencing School “

” One who will come to us with a sword is going to perish from that sword” Alexander Nevskiy

Sharing with you a song “A slave who became a King”

Continuing to study modern fencing

 I have started reading following books and going to finish it this month. Fencing with sabers. technical and tactical preparation. D.Tyshler, G.Tyshler

Sharing with you video “How to destroy M16 in 5 minutes”

I want to introduce you one remarkable weapon that is called Sika

Presenting to your attention video what scientists think about Fate an paradox of Lawrence and Laplace.

Engravings of the XVII century from a book by Boris Akunin. Pay attention to the type of weapon, its position and the actions with it

Pay attention to the fact that in 1905, no one even thought about holding the Navaja with any other grip except the Norman one

But many Spanish lovers write books about the benefits of Greek grip, without knowing anything about this knife …

Manual of fencing on bayonets. Lugarr (1905)

These engravings show that man is accustomed to an epee, not to a spear and peak. Hence from here the technique comes  itself

Templar temple in the city of Cologne.

Sharing with you a memory 5 years ago

We have started filming the next documentary about Cus D’Amato. Sharing with you backstage video. Peekaboo style against the knife

That is how Russian fencing looked in the first pre-Horde period!

Soon 9th and 10th documentary programs of the Sicilian series. The most unexpected topics of the year…

“Reasons for the victorious weapon handling for attack and defense” . Giacomo di Grassi

“Military art possesses such power which can transform a commoner into king, and a king into commoner.” Niccolo Machiavelli

Concluding live broadcast on the history of religious extremism

Sharing with you live broadcast of the head of lawfirm “Redut” Olga Panchenko.

Sharing with you post of my brother Maestro Palmero Ramos

“Maestro Pablo,  rests in peace, and  Diego Santana Felipe, 2008. They are two great knights and brothers of arms.”

Live Broadcast “Spanish Fencing Review. Results of Spanish Expedition.”

Sharing with you live video from the Temple in Cologne

Monument of Batu in Mongolia

Live broadcast “Tenerife island scientific expedition discoveries”

Live broadcast with my scientific assistant Irina  Lopatiuk

Live broadcast “Relation between North South and Center of Italy in regard to Fencing”

As I have promised, the treatise “Science of Fencing” by Blasco Florio is available in Russian language for free now!

Live broadcast. “Investment Attractiveness”

Live broadcast with the head of the Research Institute “International Fate-Analysis Community” – Marina  Ilyusha

Presenting to your attention a new project “Russian fencing school Lessons”

The first live broadcast in the framework of this project.  Fencing in Russian Empire till 1917 year.

Sharing with you video “Multifunctional soldiers of Stalin”

“30 Tricks the vulgar and common fencing only with sword”. Luis Pacheco de Narvaez and Oleg Maltsev

“Fencing, Boxing, Wrestling” by Walter Armstrong and others

“Fencing, Boxing, Wrestling” by  Walter Armstrong and others.  This book was written as part of a big scientific work of researching of relations between fencing, stick work, European fist fight and fighting in Europe in the 15th – 20th centuries.

“The Science of Fencing” treatise

“The Science of Fencing” treatise published in Catania in 1844 belongs to the pen of the pragmatic fencing expert Blasco Florio. This is the last monument, the last historical document dedicated to the Neapolitan style of the Spanish Fencing School ( later such documents were not published).

Live broadcast “Mechanisms of destiny control” Lecture 8

Science of Victory. Fragments of a book by Alexander Suvorov

Presenting to your attention an interesting image. Turkish Janissary of the 18th century.

There is a puzzle for you. Especially for my Italian friends. Try to guess who is it?

The Generalissimo (1799), the general-field marshal of the Holy Roman Empire, the great marshal of the forces of the Piedmontese, a knight of all Russian orders of his time, as well as seven foreign ones. Since 1789, he has a honorary earl of Rymniki, and since 1799 the prince of Italia.

Sharing with you live broadcast of my friend Jon Rister

Finally the film about Salvatore Giuliano is in air!